Transformer Testers

Gfuve GF106 CT PT Tester
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CT/PT TESTER is mainly used for field testing, it can finish the measurements (M) and protection (P) class CT, PT and TYP class CT. Adopt LCD, self-equipped mini type printer supporting field printing; supporting to use USB flash disk to dump data, with simple and convenient operation.
Capacitance Tangent Delta Tester
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Dielectric loss measurement is a very basic method in the insulation test, which can effectively find the overall moisture deterioration and deterioration of electrical equipment insulation, as well as local defects. It is widely used in electrical engineering, electrical equipment installation, handover and preventive testing.
TTR Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
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Transformer Turns Ratio Tester Features: 1, test range, 0.9-10000. 2,fast test speed, 10 seconds to complete the three-phase testing. 3, Widely applicable to the type of transformer, with Z shaped coupling transformer test function. 4, auto-complete group testing. 5, Perfect protection