Kehui Cable And Pipe Locator
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The T-300 Cable and Pipe Locator consists of a transmitter and a receiver. It can be used to locate the route and depth of underground cables and metallic pipes. Additionally, it can also identify a particular cable from a group.
Kehui Cable And Pipe Locator
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The T-506 is used together with a high voltage surge generator, to pinpoint high resistance and flashover faults on power cables. It utilises an Application (App) running on an Android device, connected wirelessly to a hand-held sensor.
Kehui Cable Fault Locator
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The T-906 is an easy to use, portable fault locator for low, medium and high-voltage power cables. It can be applied for the pre-location of all kinds of faults, including open circuit, short circuit, low resistance, high-resistance and flashovers.
Rigol Spectrum Analyzer DSA800
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DSA800 SeriesPerformance Spectrum Analyzers with exceptional capabilities and an affordable price 1.5 GHz to 7.5 GHz models with tracking generators, Preamps, EMI, VSWR, and more options